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The most beautiful springs, are those that come after the most horrible winters! Mehmet Murat ildan April has seen a really slow start to, well everything. Spring has only just started to get going, and this has been reflected in the fishing season. Even when fishermen do appear, they complain bitterly that they aren't catching anything, hopefully the early May Bank holiday will ring the changes - we'll see. Often, when we transit the Lochside, we do meet some opposition to paying for a fishing permit. The most recent one involved a discussion with an individual who believed that because the LRCA do not stock the Loch, we cannot therefore charge for a permit - it helps to have the relevant Act and its sections on the tip of your tongue, (Scottish Freshwater Fisheries Act 2003, Section 48), but I'm starting to think we might want to opt for more drastic measures "You might want to rethink that refusal to buy a permit" If like me you mark the onse