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January Brings the Snow......

“  January brings the snow,  Makes our feet and fingers glow.  " Sara Coleridge, Pretty Lessons in Verse January brings the snow...or if you live in Rannoch, November brings the snow, as does January, February, March and April, and if we're really unlucky, May! At least the shortest day has come and gone, and whilst we don't quite dare to hope that we'll see some signs of Spring, it seems not too far away. Here's a question one enterprising child asked me the other day; "where do Brown Trout go in the Winter"? Everyone is entitled to a break, it’s in the EU Working Time Directive! Of course the simple answer is that they're still out there. Proof, if it was needed, was in the form of a large group of fish all rising to take flies off the surface of the Loch, just before Christmas, when the snow disappeared and temperatures leapt to a positively Mediterranean 9 degrees, (oh fickle Rannoch weather, with your two foot of