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The source of man's unhappiness is his ignorance of Nature. Paul Henry Thiry D'Holdbach Brrrrrrrr....March, I can't say I was sorry to see the back of it. When the Beast from the East came barrelling in, it wasn't just Rannoch that was affected, but the whole of the country. I spent the week answering text and Facebook messages from concerned relatives, asking how we were - very well as it happens, and in fact I think we were better off than those further South. The Caledonian Sleeper pulls into Rannoch Station The fishing Season kicked off with a bit of a whimper, largely due to the weather. The first weekend normally see's a fair few groups of hardy fishermen, keen to get the first catch under their belt, but, with a few exceptions, they were thin on the ground. The fishing season got off to a cold start Although these lads didn't seem to be put off by the weather. Then again, judging by the amount of alcohol going downrange,